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For more information on Jewish Rock Radio Advertising/Sponsorship, please contact Hannah Pearlman: [email protected] 

JRR Advertising/Sponsorship
Jewish Rock Radio is a vibrant digital home of Jewish culture and engagement.  As a high-caliber, 24-7, internet radio station available on computers and mobile phones, Jewish Rock Radio offers a scope and reach that is far greater than most print and website platforms available in the Jewish world.   JRR presents a unique and broad-reaching platform for Jewish organizations, artists, and secular businesses to build message, brand and mission awareness and loyalty for a highly engaged Jewish audience.

To download the advertising/sponsorship packet with more information about branding opportunities on Jewish Rock Radio, click here.

Your Goodwill
JRR advertising/sponsorship provides a wonderful opportunity for individuals and businesses to express support for JRR, a groundbreaking media channel inspiring and engaging thousands of young Jews. 

JRR is a listener-supported, non-profit source of entertainment and education. Listeners view JRR advertisers/ sponsors as like-minded, credible, trustworthy, and committed to Jewish community, culture, and engagement.

JRR Everywhere
• www.jewishrockradio.com
• Free JRR iPhone and Android mobile apps
• iTunes Radio
• JRR on Facebook
• JRR on Twitter
• Sonos
• AppleTV
• JRR Portable Player widget hosted on websites around the country including Federation, synagogue, camp, and youth group websites.

Online Radio Explosion
• Thousands of JRR broadcast listeners - tweens, teens, young adults, and parents
• Over 30,000 JRR mobile apps have been downloaded by JRR listeners 
• Approximately 40,000 page views on jewishrockradio.com per month (nearly 250,000 visits to date)
• Approximately 500,000 total listening minutes on JRR every month
• Approximately 150,000 listening minutes per month on the mobile apps - people are listening on their mobile phones a lot
• More than 75% of listeners are from the U.S., approximately 8% from Israel

Online Radio & Jewish Identity
• Over 90 million Americans listen to online radio every month – roughly 1.5 million Jewish listeners. More than 49 million listeners per week.
• Thousands of Christian and secular online radio stations exist and there is only one high-caliberJewish rock radio station – Jewish Rock Radio.
• A recent MTV study said, “Teens stated that music defi nes them more than family, moral values, religion, and style.”
• Music and media are primary influencers and the most powerful vehicles for strengthening Jewish identity.
• Music transcends age, gender, and denomination

JRR Advertising/Sponsorship Opportunities
A broad-reaching advertising/sponsorship program that synchronizes the following media platforms is the most effective way to brand your organization to the Jewish world.  To download the JRR advertising/sponsorship packet with more information about branding opportunities for Jewish and secular businesses, organizations and
music artists, click here.

On-Air Sponsor Spots

Give your brand a voice and volume with JRR On-Air Sponsor Spots. JRR can produce your audio spot with a professional voice-over talent reading your message over a bed of inspirational music.

Samples of Sponsor Spots:
Click here to hear the "JewishinStLouis.com" Sponsor Spot
Click here to hear the "OySongs.com" Sponsor Spot
Click here to hear the "Songleader Boot Camp" Sponsor Spot

JRR Android and iPhone Mobile Application Banners
JRR Android and iPhoneMobile App Banners appear in the middle of the screen on the Jewish Rock Radio mobile app. JRR Mobile App Banners rotate consistently every 8-10 seconds and your logo will link to your website.

 Here is an example of a JRR Mobile Application Banner in the middle of the application window:


Marquee Banners

Marquee Banners appear at the top right hand corner of the www.jewishrockradio.com homepage and all submenu pages of the website. Marquee Banners consistently rotate every 5-8 seconds. There are a limited number of Marquee Banner slots available for sponsorship.

Dimensions for Top Horizontal Banners must be 466 x 86 pixels.

Here is an example of a Top Horizontal Banner in the top right hand corner:

Billboard Side Banners

Billboard Side Banners appear on the right hand side of web pages.

Dimensions for Billboard Side Banners must be 244 x 108 pixels.

Here is an example of a Billboard Side Banner in the right hand side:

JRR Portable Player

Host the JRR Portable Player on your own website. The JRR Portable Player is branded with your logo.

How does the JRR Portable Player work?

The JRR will feature the JRR Portable Player, a stand-alone, pop-up player that can be launched from partner websites. The player can also be bookmarked in any browser by the user for quick access when online. The player will allow a listener to pause or resume the stream at any time. The player also allows for partnering websites to customize the player with a sponsorship message (ie. The Jewish Federation of St. Louis presents Jewish Rock Radio!). For example, visitors to a partner website will see a button graphic that says "Listen to Jewish Rock Radio." When you click this button, the JRR Portable Player launches, and now you can listein to Jewish Rock Radio on the partner website while remaining on the partner website.

Here is an example of a JRR Portable Player  on the bottom half of the player:

Jewish Rock Radio will give you embedding codes so you can launch the JRR Portable Player from your OWN website or blog! Click on either the banner or the button below (one of these would be on your website) to see how this works.

We can also give you embedding codes to add a more interactive banner to your site! Like the example below, these banners show the current song playing on the JRR Broadcast so your visitors will always see the latest in Jewish Rock.

These interactive banners come in industry-standard sizes of 728px by 90px, 300px by 250px and 240px by 170px.



JRR Live Events
Bring your brand on the road with JRR Live Events Your branding will appear on posters, flyers, large vinyl banners, and big screen video displays for thousands in Jewish communities across the U.S.  

Contact Us
To learn more about how a customized advertising/sponsorship program can help your organization reach the tens of thousands of loyal and highly engaged listeners of Jewish Rock Radio,  
please contact Hannah Pearlman: [email protected] 

To download the Jewish Rock Radio advertising/sponsorship packet with more information about branding opportunities for Jewish organizations, secular businesses, and music artists, click here.